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Yojana magazine may 2018 PDF in Hindi and English download

Yojana magazine may 2018 PDF in Hindi and English download
Nutrition: key to development

Chief editor's desk
With a population of about 1.2 pm as per 2011 census India is likely to be the most populous country on this planet by 2030 with 1.6 million people. hit currently accounts for more than 17% of the Global population. Fnp purpose is a prerequisite to any Nations development. Recognising this fact improvement of the health and nutritional status of the population has always been given high priority. Article 47 of the Constitution of India states that the states are regarded rising the level of nutrition and standard of living of its people and improvement in public health among its primary duties.
Announcement of the National nutrition mission and and name is a very significant development on this front. It has introduced central Noida agency with extensive financial resources to coordinate various Central and state government schemes and MQ them with additional financial resources. The program will cover all states and districts in a phased manner. The total apply for the national nutrition mission has been set head over 9000 rupees crore for a period of 3 years.

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In this issue

Creating mass moment to address malnutrition

Special article

Food to nutrition security

Role of health services in nutrition

Accountability for nutrition outcomes


Nutritional status in India

Financial inclusion in India challenges and way forward

Posting infrastructure to full development

Stretching a hand to the vulnerable

Expanding Universal health coverage

The centralised approach to taking nutrition

Shaping food consumption


Do you know?
The partnership for maternal newborn and child health
North East diary
Jammu and Kashmir window

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