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Kurukshetra magazine May 2018-
 Technology for rural development

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Technology is a Panacea for rural India as it can help improve improve the quality of life especially for the poor and disadvantaged. It saves inroads for more and better services and transform economic scenario. Inputs of technological advancement in agriculture irrigation water management and Communications biotechnology and GIS for reminders promise to transport individual needs and enable rural India to prepare a n m president speed.

In a country of India size in diversity when more than 68% of the population resides in the rural areas technological inputs are essential to increase productivity and economic viability the technological mean for rural areas should be appropriate for them to fulfill their basic needs and improve their quality of life by taking lot of the available skills financial and natural resources.
The focus of the government is to provide solution through technology which rural people can afford on system and Naval base is one of the areas of focus of the office of the principal scientific advisor to the Government of India is related to the development and dissemination of Technology for rural development science and technology NGOs government Agencies district labour Administration and ammunition from the industry have been successful in disseminating rural development Technologies up to the point.

Contents are

Space Technology for rural development

Technology interventions in rural area

New technologies in irrigation sector

Reducing drag Jerry through Technology

Financial inclusion through Technology

Akruti Technology package for rural entrepreneurs

Role of ICT in rural development

Generating Clean Energy from Waste

Govardhan resizing India's traditional practices

Combating draught through farm pond Technology

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