Kurukshetra magazine April 2018 PDF download in Hindi and English

Kurukshetra magazine April 2018 PDF download in Hindi and English -

Agriculture and Allied Sector

Agriculture production is not the only output from the rural economy. Agriculture intern set of other near farm and non farm economic activities in the rural hinterland. The overall well being of the rural population therefore depends on agriculture as a primary sector and where is associated secondary and tertiary sector activities which support agriculture economy.
This issue deals primarily with allied activities up agriculture which includes among others Horticulture fisheries sector animal husbandry and livestock sericulture or Silk farming Apiculture or beekeeping dairy farming and the emerging floriculture or flower farming industry.

Declaration of  organic farming has also been made in this project at a large scale for successful implementation of this cluster based farming will be promoted and will be linked with the markets North East and hilly States will get benefit of this scheme.
Recognising the significance of allied sector of agriculture Prime Minister Narendra Modi age also said that along with the Green Revolution and white revolution we must stress on organic Revelation water Revolution Blue revolution and sweet relation to increase the income of farmers.


  • Role of allied sector in rural development
  • Allied sector h catalyst of economic growth
  • Economic prospects of dairy development
  • New dimensions of Blue revolution
  • Organic farming for sustainable environment
  • Apiculture for rural livelihood
  • Potential of sericulture
  • Operation Greens
  • Govardhan waste to wealth
  • Integrated development of horticulture

  • Success story

  • Rythu nestham Foundation : harbinger of innovative agriculture practices
  • Vaccines a crucial pillar of Public Health

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