Rajasthan Adhyan Bhag 1,2,3,4 books PDF download | RAS books in Hindi

Rajasthan Adhyan Bhag -1 (9th Class) 

Unit 1 historical background of Rajasthan

Unit2 physical environment of Rajasthan

Unit 3 art and culture of Rajasthan

Unit4 economy of Rajasthan

Unit 5 public administration in Rajasthan

Unit 6 today's need water conservation

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Rajasthan Adhyan Bhag-2 ( 10th Class )

Unit 1 Social reform in pre-independence Rajasthan
Unit 2 Educational Scenario of Rajasthan before Independence
Unit 3 Traditional water management
Unit 4 Protection of heritage
Unit 5 National Parks and Wildlife Conservation
Unit 6 Livestock and dairy development
Unit 7 Small scale industry handicrafts Khadi industry
Unit 8 Panchayatiraj and Rural Development
Unit 9 Women Empowerment
Unit 10 Consumer Awareness

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Rajasthan Adhyan Bhag 3 (11th class)

Unit 1 Jan Jagran and freedom struggle in Rajasthan

Unit 2 Architectural sculpture and painting styles of Rajasthan

Unit 3 Rajasthan's Public Works,

Unit 4 Rajasthan's Natural Resources and Their Conservation

Unit 5 Rajasthan's Energy Resources

Unit 6 Rajasthan's Economy 

Unit 7 Economic Development of Rajasthan

Unit 8 Tourism Development and Prospects in Rajasthan

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Rajasthan Adhyan Bhag 4 (12th class)

Unit 1 Geographical region of Rajasthan

Unit 2 Medieval administrative status of Rajasthan

Unit 3 Role of Rajasthan in Indian Economy

Unit 4 Social development in modern Rajasthan

Unit 5 Urban self-government in Rajasthan

Unit 6 Environmental challenges in Rajasthan

Unit 7 Right to Information Human Rights Child Protection

Unit 8 Cultural Rajasthan

Unit 9 literary Rajasthan

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