Kurukshetra magazine October 2018 PDF download | kurukshetra magazine pdf

Kurukshetra magazine October 2018 PDF download | kurukshetra magazine pdf

Small enterprises in India have been displayed in challenging environment. The government is taking steps to strain the Sector 88 not only contributes significantly to Employment generation butbut also contributes to the national economy the government has launched many program to reorient the sector for scaling up the economic activity in the sector PO rejuvenating this sector some financial and Technical initiative have also been undertaken. this includes pre implementation of public procurement policy Mudra Yojana Makan India startup India and skill India. Beach initiatives I am at empowering the sector so that it grows strongly at it share in GDP increases. the implementation of GST bill in 2017 is a Landmark state was dedicating indirect taxes creating more transparency Intex process and aaton contributed to business growth in unconventional sector as well.
Khadi is relevance and its role in reducing the mass Exodus two cities in search of jobs was the prime reason behind Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s Clarion call of making this signature paper Motu attend economic transformation in the nation. this was what Mahatma Gandhi thought of in pre independence era using simple technology that could be learn easily by anybody Khadi spinning was popularised by Gandhiji to provide work to the peoples in the rural areas and as an alternative to the British products in the market.

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