Yojana magazine September 2018 PDF download in English and Hindi

Yojana magazine September 2018 PDF download in English and Hindi

Employment and self employment

Chief editor’s desk

Job landscape

today India enjoys a place of pride in the international Arena not only is a fast emerging economy but also age wasteful of dynamic human resource. while most of the development world is moving towards a nation of aging population India is post to be the youngest country in the world by 2022. disang force which also constitued nearly 40% of the total population of India is the most vibrant and dynamic segment and also the country is most valuable human resource. the employability of this pool of Creative talent has been the highest concern of successive government

In this issue

Credible employment data need of the hour
Using payroll reporting TV
Employment in India and improving picture
Interview Innovation and Entrepreneurship key to employment
Indian economy boosting employment
Livelihood development and diversification
Creating livelihood opportunities in urban areas
Accelerating the pace
Fixing India’s 3Es
Harnessing the demographic advantage
Mudra fuelling growth in micro Entrepreneurship and employment
MSM is new engine of growth and employment
Employment the Indian perspective
Road development indirect employment opportunities
Dimension of the Indian labour market
Employment avenues for differently abled
Creating a new job ecosystem

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