Yojana magazine October 2018 PDF in English and Hindi download

Yojana magazine October 2018 PDF in English and Hindi  – WOMAN EMPOWERMENT
woman is a full circle within her in the power to create nurture and transform Nari Shakti is a concept that existed in Indian culture since time immemorial the mother goddess has been worship from ancient times in various forms Durga and Kali in East India and Bhagwati in Kerala. she has always been portrayed is the epitome ofis the  able to accomplish that which man cannot.
The best of a woman’s life age undergone major transformation in recent times the modern woman is no longer confirmed to the four hours of the house women are most realising their work in every way and demanding gender equality and Justice PO at home and in workplace they have broken the glass period in almost every field be it Technology space science sport or the armed forces almost every V Raman is entrepreneur both in urban and rural.
road to development cannot be travelled with that the empowerment of women who home almost 50% of the Indian population a multi directional open and close to women empowerment is sure to take the country baby on this pathe.

Empowering the nation with women lead development
Empowering women through Continuum of care
Helping women gain control of their lives
Breaking the shackles of financial deprivation
Ensuring equality for the minority women
Empowering tribal women
In pursuit of inclusive growth in India
Empowering women legal provision
Indian women in Asian games 2018
Meeting challenges of Gender Empowerment
Women health and development
Communication over racing call in women empowerment

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