Yojana magazine June 2018 PDF in English and Hindi download

Yojana magazine June 2018 PDF in English and Hindi download

India on the move

Cheap editor’s desk

Every good ruler since time immemorial is inspired that his Kingdom is always moving on the road to development that the Governors of the Indus valley civilization the egyptians romans greeks or the mesopotamians. Inmo recent times Emperor Akbar Krishna Dev Rai Chandragupta Maurya Raja Raja Chola Tipu Sultan all tried to create good administrative system for the good governance of their kingdoms all these rulers understood the importance of all around social economic development of the people for the kingdom to prosper.
Special article
Development through digitalise
Making development a mass movement
Offering a protective hand
Reflecting the true spirit of Jan Andolan
New age skills generating opportunities for youth
Rationalising the text structure
Making quality medicines available to the common man
Government committed to agrarian reforms
Continuation of umbrella scheme green revolution krishonnati Yojana
Multi pronged approach to preach the urban rural divide
Controlling the five senses to attain harmony

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